Recently, social media is now an important part of the promoting company, i.e. one of the very important methods of reaching the desired customers and lovers. Social networking sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and many others have a huge number of advantages for companies that take the usual media formats, including television advertising, leaflets, publications and campaigns via email. Along with the peak of social media, it has become part of the search engine optimization campaign due to the traffic that social networks mechanically grow on your site.

Benefits of social media:

I) Boundless access: From different perspectives, online media equalize the organization’s chances, because they are available to everyone, regardless of the size of the company, contacts and turnover. Online tools are available to everyone, and access to ordinary media often requires a significant amount of money and the right method of business contact with the media.

II) Straight forward: A high level of skill, mastery and preparation of equipment is contained in conventional media production. With regard to online media stations, it is easy to use on a fantastic level, even for people with basic IT experience; all that is required is a computer and an internet connection.

III) Worldwide reach: Traditional media can reach a global audience, but it is usually time consuming and more expensive. Through online media, organizations can enter information instantly, regardless of geological location.

IV) Minimal cost: Traditional media can be particularly generous, especially for smaller organizations. Interestingly, most stages of online media are completely allowed to use, and the most important cost for associations is the time spent on improving profiles and tinkering with contacts. This is just one of the initial advantages of online media because it is available to entrepreneurs as a result of minimal price interference by the segment.

V) Contact building: Social networking channels offer unparalleled opportunities to collaborate with clients and build relationships in a fantastic way because of their constant, intuitive nature. Organizations can criticize, test ideas, and monitor audience profits quickly and simply online in a traditional way that has proved incapable.

VI) Measurability: Online network data can be calculated quickly, while media habits should often be checked over a longer period of time. Thanks to social networks, organizations can examine the methodology of advertising and messages, evaluate customer responses and modify content accordingly. This is produced by the often growing number of free, easy-to-use online media assessment tools.

VII) Adaptability: The flexibility of social networks creates content management and is much more flexible. Information can be redesigned, changed, supplemented and analyzed in a completely vague manner in relation to published advertising, as highlighted in a daily newspaper or magazine post.

Therefore, before checking your choices, you must have a specific personality of the target to be able to choose the tool that most rigorously adapts to your goal. If you want to compete with your competitors then must use advance techniques such as check their pages and posts. Also you can use some apps such as repost instagram video app, Facebook tools, and other social media tools to check your competitors activities.

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